Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Traditions

Happy Easter!

While the kids, and big kids alike, tuck into their chocolate Easter eggs the gardener knows that Easter marks the start of the season proper. And today, being Good Friday, is the day that seed potatoes are traditionally planted. So if you haven't got yours planted yet, or haven't even thought about it yet, then it's not too late!

We still have a few seed spuds left, mostly main crops, but among these varieties there are some superb choices. A few of our favourites include Juliette (a delicious, buttery late salad), Opera (a main crop with excellent blight resistance) and Romano (a red bred from Desiree with the same all round uses but with none of the scab associated with its parent.)

So, a bit of planning now can result in an excellent crop later and a great deal of satisfaction.

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Rebsie Fairholm said...

I've only just found your blog and thought I'd drop by and say hello! I confess I'm a bit of a potato nerd so it's a great blessing to live only a couple of miles from Dundry and have so much wonderful diversity to choose from. I've been especially impressed with the British Queen which I bought from you a couple of years ago - the flavour is sublime! Also been enjoying Mayan Gold with the gorgeous deep purple flowers. Keep up the good work.