Sunday, 6 February 2011

A day for jackets..........roasters,chippers,mashers, smashers.....

It has been a blustery old day again, but it hasn't put off the potato customers,or indeed those, who like me are chomping at the bit just to be getting out there. The wind is at least drying the top and I am not taking quite so much mud back to the house. We are seeing sales across all areas of the shop and the demand for seed suggests the spring can't be too far away. I have sown a few bits in the hope of a warmer end to the month.

Not far off either is Valentines day and our florist is already seeing increased ordering.

We have a heavy goods week ahead, with the bulk of our new compost and dare I say 'more' potatoes due.

I will be trying to update the Taterbase availability later.

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