Wednesday 27 April 2011

Crazy,hazy,not that lazy........and certainly not summer.

Well, the season is really off at a charge. It's quite mad actually. I have struggled to find five minutes to offer an update to this blog. Once the supermarkets had fired the starting pistol, offering tender,flowering bedding in the first week of April, there was no stopping the rush. My father would watch the sky for the tell tale sign of frost,every evening until the end of May. Many were the nights of covering plants after dark. Caution it seems has been thrown to the wind. It would be hypocritical to say that I am not selling, I just hope that plant buyers understand the responsibility and the watchful care that is required.
How desperately we need the rain too, it will be long old season if we don't get a splash soon.

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Paul and Melanie said...

I agree about a spot of rain, as much as I love a trip to my allotment, it'd be nice to not have to spend half an hour every day watering at the moment... although once the rain comes I'm sure I'll by dying for some sun again... ;)