Monday, 14 February 2011


There goes another Valentines Day.............and it has been quite a day. Romance is not dead after all and we have shunting flowers all over the district. Buying in is always a nervy job,especially when the celebration falls on a monday and every other supermarket,garage and corner shop has a rack of flowers. It didn't distract our customers thankfully though and our displays were quite depleted by the close of day. The shelves will be restocked tomorrow*.

Potato sales also continue to be strong, but gardeners do need to take care with storage, I have seen a very frosted tray of seed today. The customer had just set them out in a cold greenhouse and clearly they hadn't enjoyed the stay. The frost damage will take a week or so to show. With the forecast still suggesting cold,do keep watchful and cover them if the threat becomes real.

For those watching and waiting,we have our final consignment of potatoes due on wednesday.

*We are already taking flower bookings for Mothering Sunday (3rd April)

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